photo-booth-prop-ideas-1 Priyanka karki (पाकेको आप) अर्कैले चुस्यो, आयुस्मान हेरेको हेरई?

Our Actress Priyanka karki is on new Movie Katha kathmandu and we can see her with most romantic moode with faboulous delivery for audience, we have been known her for a while now and most of our audience tend to like her because of her life style with positive attitude towards everyone.

Priyanka karki And Ayushman we wish you all the best for your relationship and be a happy couple , show that you are geniune with positive attitude

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How ever who we just found out she is engage with Ayushman Ds Joshi younger then priyanka karki but seems like happy couple i might say for now but we still have long way to go to findout how long this relationship last, dont think we are assuming future from past well this is the way the life of celebraties now a days the relationship doenot last longer god knows why?


Ayushman iam not laughing at you and iam admiting that everyone laugh at you when they see you even you make fun of yourself we all seen that,from rumors everyone call you “chuseko AAP;  you already admitted that with biggest laughter. This video from Movie ;Katha Kathmandu; might make you bit sick and feel awkward to watch because she is having romance with different guy ,

we want to see your reaction towards video and we hope you will watch it and not to get angry towards your partner Mrs Priynka Karki. 

Human are selfish they want their way because they wanted its not like bad way you turn into , they reject you because they want their way not yours so don’t be foolish to think that society is correct , its their fugly mind and sucking towards their ugly brain.

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