permanent residency and that was my first goal towards my future but
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Permanent Residency and Suicide?Australia

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn How well do you know about depression?it might be not the case for you but my story will definitely make you think twice about getting out of depression and anxiety for good. While I was sad and miserable person… Keep Reading

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कोही यौनाङ्गमा रातो माटो लिपेर

कोही यौनाङ्गमा रातो माटो लिपेर रगत पुच्छने प्रयास गरिरहेछन् ।

लव गाउँले,सिडनी, अष्ट्रेलिया शङ्का- (एकाङ्की)समय : दिउँसो ११ बजेस्थान : कञ्चनपुरको उखुबारी जहाँबाट कुनै किशोरीले एउटा घर र आँगनको अम्बाको बोट हेरिरहेको… Keep Reading


काम घिनलाग्दो ,त्यो गन्हाएको पनि थिएन । दिनहुँ सफा गरेपछि गन्हाउने सवालै थिएन ?

प्रकाशाधीन गैर आख्यान ‘अष्ट्रेलिया ब्लुज’ बाट फेरि सानो अंस- लव गाउँले (क्रिस्जीन आवास) वेटारा, सिडनी / ..त्यो साँझ एकजना साथि डेटिङमा जाने… Keep Reading

Young and Wild

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If we look at the geography of the Nepal southern east is well-known part  especially janakpur is very famous.Where mr. Ramesh basnet  was born in the holy place with the good spirit.He was born in 2049 ,janakpur bardibas he spent his childhood playing around with is the big family.Being with big family is a lot of fun as he mentioned . from the childhood…

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New Rising Star

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New Rising star born in the small village of Chitwan Nepal Mr. Santosh chapagain.well he is a young boy or you can call him the young energetic man.He loves playing games ,watch movies, and especially he is a new artist with full of courage in his soul.As a fact I would like to say , he is…

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