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in our advanced world, we are so much devasted about a new killer virus called Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and it is taking many lives with the situation of going to take more life. Many countries are trying their best to avoid corona isolation and not let this virus spread more and more but there is so much we can do to avoid the virus spreading.

However Australian government is asking people to self isolate if they are traveling from overseas or have a symptom of the virus but at the same time people with low income and have to rely on every week’s income are suffering more then anyone. we have fear of virus that can kill you if you arent concern and not protective but when you have a job that involved contacting many people every day is causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

” People who are doing corona isolation is more likely to face depression while not being able to come into social life “

I as an author uber driver from the past seven months is relying on the everyday income to support my expenses and family. I cannot stay home and not work but at the same time, I can’t sleep that if I stop working how can I pay my bills. Mentally and physically causing me depression and giving me anxiety.

Well, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is serious then we all think and it doesn’t have any medication so far. People who are doing corona isolation is more likely to face depression while not being able to come into social life and thinking about paying bills that can lead to disaster. Self-owned business is more likely to face a heavy challenge towards this hard time of corona isolation.

Being paranoid is normal and our shopping center is now being guarded by police to protect all shoppers. Panic buyers are causing a hard time who cant shop for themself life elderly people and disable. Australia is a great country with humble people with great soul for helping each other in a disaster like this and we all know Australian done it just before this disaster when we had massive bushfire.

we all hope the government will look more closely at metal health issues while protecting their citizen at the time of this serious disaster. I want to spread this word to everyone that if you are isolating yourself then careful about your mental health while you fighting this coronavirus together. We all know its a hard time ever but a human can do a lot better than they think and will be safe and secure from every disease. fight for your well being and look out for any danger around you. Do not rely on fake news that might be spreading around. Go to the government website and read carefully about how you can be safe in this crisis situation.

I would like to know how you handling your corona isolation and mental health. Leave comment below!

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