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Brijesh $ Beyond recently publish public announcement through their page about Australian tour and the problem they had to face while touring Australia. Let’s read what they have to say and from the organizer team as well.

Brijesh and beyond claim that Mr.gagan bidari who known to be the organizer from Sydney mistreated them and while booking ticket from Kathmandu to Sydney Brijesh and Beyond claim that Gagan bidari changes their flight without their knowledge and ask them to pay for extra money while claim says that new ticket date and old ticket schedule were same. Artist was not happy about the way ticket was booked and they had to face problem through different transit and immigration and we find little awkward seeing this that while flying anyone one should be aware of flying schedule an immigration issue where organizer team does not have the authority to make any easy access through immigration.
While staying  Australia Brijesh $Beyond claim they did not receive proper hospitality according to their demand. However, they claim Neplay Events provided them proper hospitality and environment.
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permanent-residency-and-that-was-my-first-goal-towards-my-future-but Brijesh & Beyond  Australian tour gone Wrong?
How well do you know about depression?it might be not the case for you but my story will definitely make you think twice about getting out of depression

Disappointment from artist Brijesh $ Beyond are far from reality and we all like all artist to have prosperous environment while touring in Australia.

While flying from Australia to Kathmandu they blame the  Gagan Bidari (Nepalese Squad Entertainment)  for organizing their back home ticket from Melbourne instead of Sydney and artist had to organize everything from themself with help of friends and families.
Disappointment from artist Brijesh $ Beyond are far from reality and we all like all artist to have prosperous environment while touring in Australia.
While saying this let’s hear what organizer team has to say about this


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rakuten_738f2f414235634c95d59374d6f10f50 Brijesh & Beyond  Australian tour gone Wrong?
Here is a big Announcement about the Artists Brijesh Shrestha Specially and Beyond “Asish Shahi” that they have gone out of Contact since they arrived in Australia “Melbourne and Sydney” shows. They both especially the founder of Ness Studio Brijesh has breached the contract and Artists Visa Policy in Australia. And Therefore, we are filling Case for the following reasons and caused during their Tour.
Let’s start beginning of the Our Deal and before the Deal: As The Ness Studio “Brijesh Shrestha and Beyond” contract were before past Hora Hoina Event Organiser they send and contract and found that they are getting less payment after they negotiate a price to get more paid. This process was handled by Positive Vibes “Bikesh Shrestha”. But he played his bad politics and start asking those organizers about charging them for Meet and Greet program for Brijesh Shrestha and Beyond.
And after they came to know that Out company Nepalese Squad Entertainment will be offering more price for them and they kicked those previous contracted Organisers and gave to me.
But I was unaware that this bad politics was not the first time in Australia Only. You guys might hear about the Event Organiser from Butwal brought Police inspector and police team to stop flying them from Butwol nearest airport because they were skipping from there without doing the show by taking the full-payment.
Let’s talk about Australia Tour, we talked about Brisbane show as well, I created a group chat for Bikesh Kayastha “band the wagen by Positive Vibes”. After time ever in history, they were arguing with Australian Event organizers about the Poster Design. After without any proper conclusion “Positive Vibes,” Bikesh Kayastha Cancelled the show and left the group chat from Brisbane organizer chat group. You can ask to Brisbane Event Organiser “ चटपटे चटपटे Events.
The Manager called Bikesh Kayastha said Brijesh and Beyond need extra time in Australia with their
2 times extended flight bookings. Did not said about their flight meal as well. Which I have to
Put extra effort and the top-up amount for their meal change. Brijesh Shrestha and Beyond “Asish Shahi” mistreated Sydney’s Event organizer “Nepalese Squad Entertainment” very much. They (manager passes a message from them) said they will come in their own responsibility came on 28th November and returned on 26 December. As in Australia Event organizing history no Artists is allowed to stay more than their show dates in Australia and Work in another project.
Hamro kati thaumaa itinary anusar aja yo place maa yesto chha aaunu hola hai bhanda hunchha bhanera na aaune, Hamro team sanga kosai sanga nabolne, aayo bhaneni ignore garera aru uskai friends sanga hidne, friendship Visa maa aayeko hora? Show ko end samma nabasne, afno show sakine bittikai show bata hawa khanu janchhu bahira janchhu bhanera Manly Beach raati ko show ko 1:15am maa hididine. Yesto dukha ta kati deko chha chha.

But here happened that they shoot Music Videos in Australia Under our Visa conditions and without letting us know and lied to us that they did Music Video shooting.
Brijesh Shrestha went out of the contract which Bikesh Kayastha (Manager) never sent us signed contract as well but we have all conversations confirmation about the Tour.

Brijesh Shrestha and Beyond “Asish Shahi” were severally abusing me personally in front of Sabin Rai and Pharaoh band as well. As you can ask to them as well. Even in meet and Greet in Third Eye Bar and Bistro as well.

Airport maa lina aaunu pardaina haami normally aauchhau ani janchhau bhanera Music Videos banaune intension liyera aayekaa thiye ani Banaye pani maile tyo samaye bich maa dherai choti uni haru ko manager lai bhane ki hamilai thaha nadikana Music Video banaudai chha bhanda “Hoina kaha hunchha, Donnt worry hoina tapai ko company lai farak pardaina re” jun sarasar Jhoot boleko rahechha Bikesh Kayastha “Positive Vibes” le.

Before bringing them as well Bikesh Kayastha Tourtured me and Brisbane Event organiser and Event Melbourne Event organiser saying we have to take flight tickets of their two managers as well bhanera khubai turture aayo. Sponsors lina ko laagi focus nai huna nadine. Kahile k kahile k bhandai Tourture diyeko diyea ho.

And Finalling We have decided to file Court case and letting know the immigration of Australia to Report such Abusive Artists in Australia land.

We have already filed case to immigration regarding their misbehave and shooting the Music Video without out concern and letting us know. “LIED TO US WHO WERE UNDER OUR COMPANY’s Visa”.

We would like to not to recommend Entire world Event Organisers doing same mistake and suffering Like this Australia 2-Shows doing their shows.

Here are few evidences below:

We can not upload video same time with photo here: if I need I can upload videos in next video that Brijesh Shrestha worked against his Visa Policy. In Visa paper it says they can not work with any other companies/Projects except only with Company they get Visa with.

Now, I am filling case under defamation case to Brijesh Shrestha and Bikesh Kayastha about his post in mis-use of social media.

There is always the reactions after every action, natural Newton Law.

Please leave your comment below what do you think? Your opinion is always helpful.

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