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bho Maya laudina is a family-based film based on social media. Maya is done by people, whereas in bho Maya laudina is different from some other Nepalese story. This film features new face characters under the age of 19. Feeling love is much different than it is now. This movie has a message that in this sense, money is causing the family to be wary. What a love it is to live in that lethal family. This is a message that is reflected in the film and the message that we should dare to visit our family all year long. Now be sure to check out this movie coming up in the hall a few weeks later.

characters in this movie

Birjan mijar

Pramila B.Sc.

Samir Adhikari

Asa Rasali

Nabaraj Adhikari


permanent-residency-and-that-was-my-first-goal-towards-my-future-but Bho Maya laudina poster relesed
How well do you know about depression?it might be not the case for you but my story will definitely make you think twice about getting out of depression


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