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Mental health is a major topic in western country nowadays and it’s taking peoples life where we seems to be the victim.does not matter how well do we conclude ourself that we deliver our best practice to get rid of daily life stress and disorder but actually we might not doing correct procedure and not telling our kids about this. today we are going to talk about the best way to escape anxiety and depression.The Australian lifestyle is not everyone willing to adopt and especially this multicultural country and people are from different races. We all have our lifestyle and we might want to socialize and get outdoor activity done but it’s not always possible and in my situation, barely know my neighbor. we tend to spend most of our time holding our phone and watching tv where lots of technology involve and making us solely invisible and judgemental that we might get judged by others if we get out on society because of our race and unsuccess. Today I want to tell you that nature is the best way to connect your soul where there is no judgment and no bully. Connecting with nature is the best way to escape anxiety and depression.

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permanent-residency-and-that-was-my-first-goal-towards-my-future-but best way to escape anxiety and depression is gardening
How well do you know about depression?it might be not the case for you but my story will definitely make you think twice about getting out of depression

” I spend /10/15 min of my life with the beautiful garden I am fully connected with them “

I have a backyard where I grow some vegetable and I water them every day. every time I go for watering I spend /10/15 min of my life with the beautiful garden I am fully connected with them when I see them grow and giving me food to eat. when you have stress in your mind gardening keeps your mind occupied and you will get busy. Start digging does not matter if the garden needs it or not it looks fresh and tidy when you do that. give them some fertilizer and trim them so that they even look better. while you doing that you are breathing fresh and healthy air in your lungs and your body performs better than ever.

However, some time we might get distracted from our responsibilities and that might give us worries and sadness while doing gardening will give you some responsibilities and you are into it. when you wake up have a cup of coffee and see around them you will see some weed around them then start taking them off while you drinking coffee well you will become responsible automatically because of pretty sure you would not like it when your plant dies. so the best way to escape anxiety and depression is by gardening.


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rakuten_738f2f414235634c95d59374d6f10f50 best way to escape anxiety and depression is gardening

People sometimes live in past memory and make their life miserable but while doing gardening it let you live in the present. seasonal changes bring changes to the garden and bees around the garden even let you have a beautiful moment around you while they enjoy your presence around them. colorful flowers around you and your activity will connect you directly into nature. gardening is also a good key to exercise your body .its could eventually burn more calories than while going to the gym because your happiness level dramatically increases and your body will burn more calories. Doing a couple of hours of gardening is really therapeutic and helpful for your mental health in my experience.

Hope this article helps you through your hardship best way to escape anxiety and depression.. It’s my life experience and I am very glad to share it with you.IF you like then don’t forget to l your comment below.


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